monthly blog coaching uk


Monthly blog coaching - from £200 for 3 months

Growing a blog can be hard, and this package is here for bespoke, ongoing support along the way. Together, we’ll work out what you need to do to hit your goals, and then some. This monthly coaching package can be customised to your needs, and we can work together online or in person, if you’re in the Glasgow neck of the woods! 

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where to best invest your time, but together we can help you navigate the blogosphere with ease and skyrocket your online presence. We’ll devise a cohesive, ongoing strategy to get you, and your blog, where you want to be.

This package is the one for you if…

  • You want some ongoing accountability
  • You’re ready to think long term about growing your blog
  • You need a helping hand with setting and achieving long term goals
  • You’ve come to a crossroads with your blog and need someone to work through it with
  • You’re looking for some personalised, ongoing support when working towards your goals

To get started, we’ll work together to figure out the areas of your blog that you need the most support with. I’ll send over a selection of questions designed to get to the heart of your blog, and look at the long term goals you have in your head for your internet presence. From there, I’ll put together your personalised output covering all of your pain points and figuring out your next steps. Then, we’ll jump on a call (or grab a coffee if you’re in Glasgow!) and chat through your current situation and how to move forward. We’ll have regular catch ups to discuss the progress you’ve made in meeting your goals and how to overcome any bumps in the road.