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Sophie said...

Charlotte's blog is one of my favourites, particularly because of her wonderful content. When she announced she'd be doing content reviews and advice I knew as soon as I could fund it I wanted to get her on board with my blog. Her advice ranged from help with things you didn't even realise you were doing 'wrong' to things you knew you needed to improve but didn't know the best way to go about it. Everything including the further reading links she provides is super useful and has led to my readers actually noticing a difference in my content! Her advice really gives you the kick up the butt needed to move your blog to the next level!

Clever Content


Content is the heart of any good blog, and together we can make your content the very best it can be. Let’s work together to find your ideal topics, refine your niche and look at ways to create brilliant, optimised content that you and your readers will love.

In this package we’ll look at your current blog posts, their categories and formatting. I’ll analyse the best way to optimise your content for search, social and beyond, providing you with the tools you need to create a strong content catalogue that will get your readers clicking.

We’ll look at creating a content calendar that works for you, defining your ideal audience, producing content that emphasises your brand and key planning strategies for your future content.

This package is perfect for you if…

  • You’re often struggling for post ideas
  • You’re not sure how to incorporate a new topic into your current content
  • You want to define a clearer niche for your blog
  • You need to explore new ways of reaching your audience
  • You want to solidify your brand as a blogger

The process is simple - once you book in for your spot I’ll send you over some questions that will help me get to the heart of your blog. We’ll look at what you want to do next, and how you can curate your content to achieve your goals. Once you’ve completed the questions, I’ll analyse your current content and pull together a personalised output covering the key findings, top tips for your blog and the steps you need to take to kick things up a gear.